Raleigh Murphy Beds by The Master’s Craftsman

A Murphy Bed also called a “wall bed” or a “fold away bed” is a bed that is hinged at the head end to store vertically inside a closet or cabinet. Since the late 1900’s Murphy Beds have been incorporated into modular cabinetry that when folded up appears to be part of the wall or a piece of furniture. Since being patented by William L. Murphy in 1916 the Murphy Bed has been the standard in the fold-away bed design and since 1989 the term “Murphy Bed” has been considered the generic term for this furniture.

Raleigh Murphy Beds by The Master’s Craftsman is your home for quality construction and design of the perfect Murphy Bed for any room. We will build the bed to your exact specifications and can incorporate other unique properties like a fold away desk.

The choice of wood and finish are completely up to you. From classic elegance to kid ready the a Murphy Bed from The Master’s Craftsman is the right choice for your home. The finished product is only limited by your imagination.  With a standard double bed taking up over 24 sq ft of floor space a Murphy Bed helps you regain the space in your home.  Call Wayne today at 919-628-7373 and ask about the custom designed Murphy Bed that will look great in your home and save your square footage.


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